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Mon–Fri: 10am – 8pm
Sat: 10am – 6pm
Sun: 12pm – 6pm

Salon Policies

18|8 Burlington

18|8 Burlington takes great pride in providing a safe and clean environment.

Children Safety Policy

The safety of the children that enter our salon is a priority.  Our salon is not childproof.  There are sharp objects/tools, hot wax and chemicals present in the salon.  To mitigate risk to children in the salon:

  • Children receiving services are not permitted to sit on the lap of parent/consenting adult. Children must be able to sit independently.
  • Parent/Consenting Adult must maintain care, custody and control of all minor children brought into the salon. 18|8 Staff facilitate hair cutting services.  Adult/Child ratio of 1:1 is recommended while in the salon, especially for very young children.
  • Children must remain seated and follow instructions of 18|8 Staff while in the salon. Supportive direction and coaching from the parent/consenting adult are greatly appreciated.
  • Parents must remain at a safe distance from the salon chair to allow stylist/barber to conduct the service. Specifically, our chairs swivel 360 degrees and stylists/barbers require full clearance to manipulate the chair and maneuver around the chair.
  • To ensure your child is being paired with the best fit from the 18|8 Burlington Staff, any details that may be pertinent to carrying out your child’s service must be communicated prior to the first visit. This includes, but not limited to:
    • Allergies
    • Disabilities
    • Behavior Issues
    • Sensory Issues
  • All first appointments for minor children (young master cuts) are triaged prior to first visits.

Public Health

18|8 Burlington closely monitors public health websites (e.g., mass.gov, CDC.gov) for recommended guidance regarding increases in disease/illness.  This may result in the implementation of personal protective equipment (PPE/masks) and social distancing for all in the salon, to mitigate risk of spread/infection to both 18|8 guests and 18|8 staff.  Please contact the salon for more details.

We reserve the right to request a guest wear PPE (e.g., mask) or may refuse service if a guest is exhibiting signs of illness or disease.


We value the privacy and safety of both our guests and our staff.  It is against company policy for guests and staff to request/exchange personal information outside the 18|8 business model (e.g., guest data entered in salon computer, stylist/barber website details).

Salon Policies/Guidelines

Salon Atmosphere

18|8 Fine Men’s Salon in Burlington offers fine men’s grooming services.  It is our policy to maintain a relaxing, inviting atmosphere for our clients.  Situations/circumstances that are disruptive to our environment will be addressed, starting with a conversation.  Failure to resolve these issues may result in service discontinuation/being asked to leave the salon.

Appointment Times/Durations

18|8 does its very best to adhere to the salon schedule.  Everyone’s time is valuable.  The specified allotted times allowed for each service are the maximum durations.  The same service may have different appointment durations depending on stylist/barber. Please see our website (online booking) for services/durations for each stylist/barber.  Our stylists/barbers are trained to remain within the allotted timeframes, and they do their best not to run into the next guest’s appointment time.

There are circumstances beyond our control that can cause us to run behind schedule.  In these cases, we will do our best to communicate and do everything in our power to come up with a result that is satisfactory for our guests.

Cosmetology License vs. Barber License (Massachusetts)

The services that can be performed with both a cosmetology and barber licenses are essentially the same with one fundamental difference. A barber license is required to perform all straight razor services in the state of Massachusetts.  18|8 Burlington employs both cosmetologists and barbers.  Please ensure you are booking with the appropriate stylist/barber.

No Show/Late Cancellation/Reschedule

18|8 Stylists/Barbers are paid on a commission basis.  No shows/late cancellations directly impact their income. We ask that guests please be respectful of this.

When running late or if something comes up, we ask that you communicate with the salon.  If you get voicemail, please leave a message.  The salon will assess the best way to accommodate guests without disruption to salon schedule. Note: May result in abbreviated service or alternate date and/or time.

18|8 understands things come up and will forego any penalty for first instance of No Show/Late Cancellation/Re-schedule. Staff will communicate policy and note 1st occurrence in guest profile for future reference.  Additional instances are subject to penalties documented below.

Guests that cancel/re-schedule less than four (4) 18|8 business hours of the scheduled service start time will be charged for a late cancellation/re-schedule.  Business hours are the time 18|8 is open for operation and 4 hours allows for adequate time to rebook a time slot.

Guests that do not arrive in the first 5 – 10 minutes of the scheduled appointment start time; staff will attempt to call the phone number on file. An assessment will be made depending on scheduled service, guest’s personal attributes (e.g., thick hair, cowlick) and stylist/barber knowledge of time required.  If a guest is new to the salon or new to stylist/barber assessment will be made upon arrival.  Note: May result in abbreviated service or alternate date and/or time.

Guests that do not arrive within 15 minutes of scheduled service start time will be marked as a No Show and charged.

No Show/Late Cancellation/Re-schedule charges are 50% of the price of the scheduled services.  Fees will not be automatically charged to on-file credit cards  18|8 staff will have a conversation with guests to receive agreement prior to processing charges and outcome documented in guest profile notes.  Future bookings will not be honored until fees are paid.

Guest that habitually late cancel and/or no show may be asked:

  • To pay fee of 100% of the price of the scheduled services
  • To pre-pay for services at the time of booking (non-refundable)
  • Not to return to the salon for service

The path forward for habitual guests is assessed on a case-by-case basis by 18|8 Staff.

Telephone logs and POS software (e.g., audit trails, guest history/profile notes) are used to support No Shows/Late Cancellations/Re-schedules fee determinations.

Appointment Confirmations

18|8 Burlington attempts to confirm all appointments. Confirmation texts/emails are the most efficient method for guests to confirm appointments.  The system has limitations, so please ensure the instructions in the texts/emails are followed when confirming appointments.  Note: Cancellations, re-schedules and extraneous information cannot be communicated using the confirmation text system. Failure to use the system properly may result in no show/late cancellation/reschedule fees.  Please ensure your client data (e.g., cell#, email) are up to date/accurate and voicemail messages can be left.

If new guests book first time appointments online and we are unable to confirm the appointments, 18|8 Burlington reserves the right to cancel the appointments.  Appointments may be cancelled:

  • if client data is not accurate and we have no way to reach a new guest
  • voicemail is not set up or is full
  • new guest does not respond to confirmation emails
  • if new guest has booked multiple services (long duration on schedule) online and we are unable to confirm

Color/Chemical Services

All first-time color/chemical services require a consultation.  Please contact the salon for a consultation prior to booking any color/chemical appointments online.  In most cases, a consultation can be conducted over the phone and with emailed pictures.  Color/chemical services may require a signed liability waiver.

Redo Services

Requests for redo services must be received within 72 Hours of the original services.  It is recommended guests call the salon and speak to a member of our staff to request redos.  Pictures to support redo requests may be emailed to 188Burlington@gmail.com.


18|8 Burlington is part of the service industry.  Tips/gratuities are a significant part of our stylists/barbers’ income.  Guests may use cash, credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay to provide tips/gratuities. Stylists/barbers receive 100% of all tips/gratuities unless a guest specifies otherwise.  Guests may request a custom payment (Venmo, PayPal or Zelle) for tips.  The request for custom payment should be made at check out.  It is against company policy to request stylists/barbers’ personal information.  This includes Venmo, Cash App, etc.  Refer to our Safety Policy.

Tipping Etiquette

Some guests ask, “What is a good tip?”  We so appreciate those who ask.  We find that, like others in the service industry, the range of 15% – 25% is appropriate for the grooming services we provide.  See the supporting links below:

1. How Much to Tip Your Barber or Stylist

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